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January 18, 2009



Today at church we had a memorial service for one of our founding members who died Thursday evening. Knowing that this man, who truly **loved God** like no one I've ever known, is now literally standing in God's presence and worshipping the Lord unhindered by flesh makes me happy for him. I have no doubt he fell to his knees in God's presence and heard the words "Well done, My good and faithful servant. Welcome home." No, someone dying does not usually make me happy - but the comfort of knowing he is in a better place and in the glory of God --- that is not "happiness" but JOY.


Thanks for playing Angi!

I have some comfy socks too that I just got for Christmas. I found some fun stripey ones too but Miss M took them for her own. That's another thing that makes me oddly happy... That my daughter can take my comfy socks from me.


I LOVE those socks. I have a thing for socks. I hate shoes, typically, but I love me some funky socks.

I just may have to play along on this one, too, but like you, I'll be lucky to remember to do it once a week.


For years, every month or so and more often usually, I write a happy post ( or ( or even ( I have to say, these are my absolute favorites and they remind me of all the good things I have going on! Love this idea...


Jordan Hydro

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My babysitter received some good news this weekend & it makes me very happy. Also, just having her in our lives makes me happy. She has been there for us SO many times, I sometimes feel like we owe her the world. Without her, we would not have the chance to get away together (or alone, for that matter) both of which are much needed & appreciated!

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