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January 20, 2009



Well, as someone who owns neither an ipod or itunes, this is one I can't do! Lol!

the mrs.

Done! That was a lot of fun!


I actually thought of a way I can do this! I have a channel at It does your library randomly, so it will work. Hooray!


I know you didn't tag me personally (:P), but I think this is a lot of fun! And I think I would love to listen to your iPod! :) Great music!

[I especially like the question/your answer "What scares you most?/Somewhere Over the Rainbow." LOL! That's exactly the jist of my blog - Somewhere over the rainbow ain't always pretty.] LOL!


Oh those are funny. I need to load all my music in iTunes before I do it! :)

loving the post nice work

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