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July 23, 2007



Thanks for the reminder! I LOVE family traditions and need to create more... Very inspirational :-)


Very neat bridge!

Vic lewis

Nice story! I didn't know it then, but have learned since how some of the littlest things stay with your kids & g-kids more than we realize.This made me a little misty-eyed ( in a good way), as does the " butterfly kisses " song when I think about it. I'm sending you one of my favorite pictures via e- mail to post here so folks can see how we looked when we used to "yell at the bridge!"( I didn't know how to send it here.) Enjoy!--Dad


We probably yelled because the horn never worked in that old truck( tho it was new to me in the picture-that was why your Grandma took it!)To all who read Angi's blogs,I hope someday you meet "My Little Girl!" (thanks Tim McGraw)- she's pretty special!! Love---Dad


There is a covered bridge on the lake where my in-laws live in the summer time. There is just something about covered bridges...

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