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June 06, 2007



Yay! So happy to hear you are doing so well :)

I remember how crazy those beginning days were breastfeeding my 1st. I remember worrying b/c of all the crying and not exactly knowing how much she was getting. I remember worrying b/c I would try to pump and not even get an ounce! But God has made a miraculous thing in that relationship and it just works.

And I know what you mean...I really didn't think about how long I would BF...thinking 3 months was good. When 3 months came along...just thought I'd hand in there until 6 mths. Then 6 months came along and the 'end' just keep getting pushed back lol.

w/my 2nd girl right now she's still nursing and she was 2 in February...yeah, NEVER thought I would go past a year...but it's weird to 'cut them off'. I feel like, hey...if they 'need' cow's's milk can only be better. Though they do drink cow's milk too lol.

Keep it up!

karen (Hom74)


Yippee! BF is not an easy task as I stupidly thought it would be. I nursed all of my 3 kiddos but #3 has been the best experience. 13 months and going strong!!! I also get the comments but cannot stop something I worked so hard to achieve, right?

Congratulations to you and to Miss Ava! TERRIFIC JOB!!!

~ Jenny


YOU GO GIRL! I'm so proud of you and Ava!!!! Keep it up, Angi! I'm so proud of you!


I really can't believe myself that I've been BF for 7mo!
I totally relate with what you feel.
Congratulations mama! We've come so far, it's amazing.
Hope you're doing great, having fun with your family.


1. Congratulations!
2. Thanks for the shout out.
3. I have a confession to make. With my first, I was a neurotic mess pretty much the whole 8.5 months she nursed. I had a notebook, which I still have, where I recorded Every. Single. Feeding. How long she nursed, what side she nursed on. Plus all the wet and dirty diapers. I drove myself nuts. It was a far different experience nursing with #3 and now with Nemo. So so much more enjoyable. Congratulations to you and all those moms who persevere through all the tough stuff.


Finally delurking...I found your blog from a post at BabyCenter. My son was due in November as well although he decided to take his sweet time and arrive in December instead :)

I've checked your blog daily since way back before Ava was born. I love reading about your family and all your adventures.

Just wanted to congratulate you on your successful breastfeeding experience. I struggled nursing my first child but have had a great experience with my December baby. You are to be commended for sticking it out.


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