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November 21, 2006



Oh, Angi.. thanks for sharing! Loved hearing her story, and hearing how you are all doing. I'll start praying for 3-4 hour breaks at night for ya... I got a little nervous knot in my tummy (in anticipation for March) when I read your last couple of entries. :-)
But, I'm going to keep telling myself, if you can do it with FOUR, I can do it with three! :-)


What a wonderful story Angi, thanks for sharing!!!!


Aww Angi!! What a wonderful heartfelt birth story of Ava! You are such a loving mommy -- your children are so lucky to have a wonderful mommy like you :) Thanks so much for sharing. You are truly an inspiration to me. :)


Nothing sweeter than being a new mama! We stopped at three (doctor's orders, bedrest and all that), so I'm going to live vicariously through you! And like you, nesting takes over with the new baby and we have freshly baked cookies a few times a week. Course it's the laundry that's fallen behind... Congratulations again!


What a great birth story! Sounds like it went wonderfully. Children truly are a blessing and there's nothing better than a precious, snuggly little newborn!

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