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December 01, 2005



Beautiful Layouts!! We too (me and my husband) fill shoe boxes with goodies for OCS. I have 5 month old daughter, and I can't wait to get her involved in giving too.


This is wonderful! I have to tell you that we are in Eastern Europe (though we are American) and my husband pastors a church here. Our kids in the church were the recipients of these shoeboxes last year. It is such a joy from this end to see their faces when they look through and see what they received! I think I noticed a note in your box and it was awesome to be able to read to the kids what someone wrote to them. I will have to scrap the photos and send one to you. Thanks for blessing the kids :)


What a wonderful gift and a great way to get your kids involved. I think I will be doing this next year. :)

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